Jennifer Aniston Named

SIn 26 years of calling the World's Most Beautiful Woman, People has selected just three women of color: Halle Berry, Beyonce, and Lupita Nyongo. I guess three is much better than absolutely no and at least they chose true charms instead of honorary beauties. If you are interested in womans beauty you need to visit this . [...]

A visual beauty aid for women of color

So in March 2015, Amaka developed Cocoa Swatches, an Instagram account catering to makeup lovers with underrepresented skins. Following the success of the account which now has more than 36,000 followers she enhanced her objective by releasing the Cocoa Swatches app (complimentary, iOS and Android) on Feb. 29. It has actually been downloaded about 30,000 times, states Amaka, 26.[...]

Cut Video's 100 Years of Beauty Series

It's so easy to think about fashion as something trivial. It's likewise simple to become aware of a place on the news and reduce it to discussion fodder, instead of thinking of it as a living, breathing place filled with individual people, each with their own hopes, dreams, and style. This video, and this entire series, does a great task of reminding us that no country is just one thing or another, but an ever-changing cauldron filled with components and affects that shape its contents. [...]